BTM 1.3.1 released

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BTM 1.3.1 released

Ludovic Orban

BTM 1.3.1 has been released. This minor release fixes bugs that happen in very special situations and add a few new features as well.

The release can be downloaded here:

and the Maven2 artifacts and POM have been uploaded in the central maven repository, they should be published in the coming 24 hours.

Following are the release notes:

 * BTM-23  Add the ability to set guarantee the isolation level of resource
 * BTM-24  recovery engine does not fully supports clustering
 * BTM-25  add shutdown support for app servers
 * BTM-26  JMX must be disabled if a resource's uniqueName contains a ':' character
 * BTM-28  Race condition when mixing global and local transactions
 * BTM-29  Random CorruptedTransactionLogException thrown during swapJournalFiles under JDK 1.6
 * BTM-30  Resource creation cannot map long primitives to vendor's XADataSource
 * Removed deprecated poolsize property of ResourceBean
 * Enforced mandatory parameters when LrcXADataSource is used

As usual, please report any bug / question / remark / extra wish you might have here.


The BTM Team