BTM 1.3.3-RC1 released

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BTM 1.3.3-RC1 released

Ludovic Orban

BTM 1.3.3-RC1 has been released. This is the first release candidate of a minor release which fixes many different small issues.

The release can be downloaded here:

and the Maven2 artifacts and POM have been uploaded in the CodeHaus snapshot repository, available at - see if you want to include them in your Maven2 pom.

Following are the release notes:

* Refactored the recoverer to implement a much safer algorithm.
* Background recoverer is now enabled by default and configured with the new property Configuration.backgroundRecoveryIntervalSeconds.
  The backgroundRecoveryInterval property has been depecated.
* Resources which cannot be recoverer during startup now don't prevent the transaction manager from starting up but are simply marked
  as 'failed'. Failed resources cannot be used and are automatically retried by the background recoverer.
  This supercedes the 'retryUnrecoverableResourcesRegistrationInterval' configuration property which has been removed.
* 'currentNodeOnlyRecovery' is now enabled by default (see
  The recoverer now logs some INFO message when some XIDs have been skipped because this feature is enabled.
* Fixed race conditions in the asynchronous 2PC engine.

 Bugs fixed
* BTM-33   race condition: potential connection leak when closing connection after transaction terminated
* BTM-34 IllegalArgumentException and MBean exceptions on constraint violation
* BTM-37 Tomcat LifecycleListener shutting down TM too early
* BTM-38 NPE in IncrementalRecoverer
* BTM-39 Improper HeuristicMixedException
* BTM-41 JNDI Context (BitronixContext) returns null rather than NameNotFoundException
* BTM-42 bitronix-scheduler is recreated/restart
* BTM-43 Fix for BTM-33 leads to another problem
* BTM-44 TransactionLogRecord does not get updated when modified, leading to transaction log corruption
* BTM-45 potential NPE in
* BTM-46 Fall back to current class loader when thread context loader fails (support OSGi)
* BTM-47 improve unrecoverable resource registration retrial and recoverer implementation
* BTM-48 change currentNodeOnlyRecovery default value to true
* BTM-49 Suspend/resume not working as expected
* BTM-50 Improve JndiXAConnectionFactory in order to be able to use SonicMQ

This release has not been fully tested so you may still encounter a bug or a regression.

As usual, please report any bug / question / remark / extra wish you might have here.


The BTM Team