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BTM 1.3 RC2

Ludovic Orban
Hi everyone,

Finally, the long overdue second release candidate of BTM 1.3 is now ready. The first one was released some weeks ago put was not advertised here.

The release can be downloaded here:

and the Maven2 artifacts and POM have been published here:

Here is the list of what changes since beta2:

 * BTM-18  Invoke XAResource.setTransactionTimeout() when a resource is enlisted
 * BTM-19  No effect by setting auto-commit to false on LrcConnectionHandle
 * BTM-20  XAResourceManager incorrectly checking resource joinability
 * BTM-21  Differing journal-file lengths cause BTM to fail to start even if skipCorrectedLogs is true
 * BTM-22  Resource rollback not handled properly

 * Added new configuration property 'journal' that allows to switch between the classic 'disk' journal and a new non-logging 'null' journal.
 * Fixed lots of misc bugs.


Incremental recovery required a change in the Disk Journal's log format. Compatibility with older format (1.2 and below) has been maintained but journals created by BTM 1.3 cannot be read by older versions.

It is strongly recommended for anyone testing BTM 1.3 beta 2 or any other snapshot 1.3 release to upgrade to this version to make sure the latest code changes did not break anything and that all fixes for reported errors haven't been left out by accident.

This will certainly be the latest version before the 1.3 final release which will be out in the coming two weeks.

As usual, please report any bug / question / remark / extra wish you might have here.


The BTM Team