BTM 2.1.0 released

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BTM 2.1.0 released

Ludovic Orban

The BTM Team is pleased to announce the release of BTM 2.1.0. This is a semi-major release with a few bug fixes and quite some enhancements.

The svn repository has been closed as BTM moved to git instead which allowed quite a heavy refactoring: maven 2 is now the new standard build tool for the project. The curious ones can have a look at the new  repository structure:

The release can be downloaded here:

and the Maven2 artifacts and POM have been uploaded in the central Maven2 repository and should be available shortly.

Following are the release notes:

 New features and bugs fixed in this release

* BTM-88 Rollback makes LrcXAResource unusable
* BTM-89 BTM errors occur after using resource.ds.minPoolSize>0 and waiting for 10 hours
* BTM-91 Migrate build to maven 2
* BTM-93 Detect dead JMS connections with a javax.jms.ExceptionListener

Important note: starting with version 2.1.0, BTM does not support JDK 1.4 anymore. You have to use at least JDK 1.5.

As usual, please report any bug / question / remark / extra wish you might have here.

The BTM Team