BTM 2.1.3 released

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BTM 2.1.3 released

Ludovic Orban-2

Bitronix Software and the BTM Team are pleased to announce the release of BTM 2.1.3. This is another minor release with a few bug fixes and enhancements.

The release can be downloaded here:

and the Maven2 artifacts and POM have been uploaded in the central Maven2 repository and should be available shortly. 

 New features and bugs fixed in this release 

* General concurrency fixes and improvements. BTM is now much more concurrent than before and should be much faster than before when used in a heavily multi-threaded environment.
* BTM-98 Getting details on Oracle XA Exception
* BTM-103 Ability to debug 'executing transaction with 0 enlisted resource' error message
* BTM-108 Exception not handled properly in beforeCompletion event during commit()
* BTM-109 Enable to accept a properties object as driverproperties value instead of only strings, so oracle's connectionproperties can be set
* BTM-114 erroneous java.sql.Wrapper implementation
* BTM-117 XAException.XAER_RMERR should be treated as an error
* BTM-119 BTM unable to provide a valid connection when a firewall drops idle connections

As usual, please report any bug / question / remark / extra wish you might have here. 

The BTM Team