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DiskJournal performance

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Hi all,
I'm new here. i have a slow performance issue with bitronix 2.1.4

to improve my server-application performance, I had checked my application with YourKit Java Profiling and noticed that most of the threads (~100 threads) were blocked while running  DiskJournal.log and every block takes ~5 sec.


bitronix.tm.journal.DiskJournal.log(int, Uid, Set) DiskJournal.java:97
bitronix.tm.BitronixTransaction.setStatus(int, Set) BitronixTransaction.java:389
bitronix.tm.BitronixTransaction.setStatus(int) BitronixTransaction.java:379
bitronix.tm.twopc.Preparer.prepare(BitronixTransaction) Preparer.java:64
bitronix.tm.BitronixTransaction.commit() BitronixTransaction.java:275
bitronix.tm.BitronixTransactionManager.commit() BitronixTransactionManager.java:143

how can i improve the performance of bitronix in my application?
Thanks so much in advance.