Doubt-spring and tomcat configuration

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Doubt-spring and tomcat configuration

S Boot
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I have question on bitronix with regard to both spring  and tomcat configuration:

Spring Configuration :

I am able to do configuration on Spring level but I am not sure if I run my application on tomcat container who will manage the connectionpooling? I used PoolingConnectionFactory for maintaing connectionpool, will this release the connection once the application server(tomcat) get shutdown?If yes than how tomcat container talks with Bitronix? I am referring below links:

Tomcat configuration :

Another thing I am struggling on, In my application code I am using beging(),commit() and rollback() methods of Usertransaction.
Now the question here is if I go with tomcat configuration than I will not get UserTransaction from the jta jar because jta, btm.jar are installed in tomcat lib path, so what is the good approch to get Usertransaction? I can get Datasource using look up but it wouldn't help to get Usertransaction.

referring below link :