JMX Errors

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JMX Errors

Gérald Quintana

During a load test, I had a performance problem. So I ran a JConsole
to monitor the application, I got a bunch of errors in JConsole:
Error calling isBroadcaster:,Gtrid=746F6D6361742D62746D2D6E6F64654554580000012A5CC60421000CAB3B
Error calling isBroadcaster:,Gtrid=746F6D6361742D62746D2D6E6F64654554580000012A5CC60421000CAB3D
Error calling isBroadcaster:,Gtrid=746F6D6361742D62746D2D6E6F64654554580000012A5CC60431000CAB46
Error calling isBroadcaster:,Gtrid=746F6D6361742D62746D2D6E6F64654554580000012A5CC60450000CAB4C
Error calling isBroadcaster:,Gtrid=746F6D6361742D62746D2D6E6F64654554580000012A5CC60450000CAB51
Error calling isBroadcaster:,Gtrid=746F6D6361742D62746D2D6E6F64654554580000012A5CC60470000CAB54
Error calling isBroadcaster:,Gtrid=746F6D6361742D62746D2D6E6F64654554580000012A5CC6047F000CAB5B

I am using BTM 2.0. What does it mean?


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Re: JMX Errors

Ludovic Orban
This means there is a problem with you JVM. Try again with some other versions of the client and/or server JVM and try to get help from Sun / Oracle.