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Nice error details

I'm liking the error messages I see in BTM.  

For example, I just got this:

Caused by: property <className> for resource <ds1> in resources configuration file must be the name of a class implementing either javax.sql.XADataSource or javax.jms.XAConnectionFactory

Now I know exactly where to look.

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Re: Nice error details

Ludovic Orban

Thanks. I've spent a great deal of time to make sure errors are reported as early as possible and in the most readable way. This is why I wrote this on the homepage:

This is BTM's strongest point compared to its competitors: it is trivial to configure and when something goes wrong it is much easier to figure out what to do thanks to the great care placed in useful error reporting and logging.

Before I started writing BTM, I was frustrated by how complex it was to get equivalent products running where the slightest mistake in the setup is a nightmare to troubleshoot. And don't get me started on how complex it is to configure some of them !

JTA should be a commodity, not a niche technology only used in some complex systems ruled by expensive consultants.